US stock indices closed mainly with a decline in

On Wednesday, U.S. stock exchanges showed a multi-directional... the dynamics. Dow Jones and the S&P 500, which had previously grown during the period of three days, closed with declines of 0.65% and 0.36% respectively. NASDAQ at the end of the day grew by 0.15%. NASDAQ index was supported by shares of technological corporations, in environment turned out to be growth leaders. However, investors with some are watching the economic situation, especially after of recent comments by Fed head Jerome Powell. Yesterday he... opposed the congress's hasty cancellation of stimulus measures, noting that such a move would be worrisome. In addition, players continue to monitor the situation with by the pandemic and remain cautious as the number of new pandemics increases. of cases. In three American states on Tuesday, these... the numbers were record-breaking. According to MUFG Bank analyst Derek Halpenny, it's not worth it. look forward to continuing the stock exchange rally - the next stage the economic recovery will be more unpredictable.