US stock exchanges close with growth on news of coronavirus vaccine trials

The major U.S. stock indices concluded trading on Monday in the green zone. Dow Jones added 1.6%, S&P 500 - 1.16%, NASDAQ - 0.8%. The growth was stimulated by positive news about the vaccine against coronavirus. Moderna announced the high efficiency of the drug it is developing, which, according to her, exceeded 94% during the trials. After that, its shares went up by 9.6%. Last week, Pfizer reported positive news about the vaccine trials. On Monday, shares of those companies that will benefit from quarantine cancellation and economic recovery were in the trend. However, according to the senior investment manager of the company. Aberdeen Standard Investments of James Ethey, stable growth on the stock exchanges should not be expected now, because, despite the positive results of the tests, before the recovery of the economy it will take quite a long time. Now investors are evaluating how long this period will be.