U.S. stock indices closed most of the time negative on California’s decision to tighten quarantine.

US stock indices closed their trading session on Monday mostly with a decrease. The negative factor was California's decision to tighten quarantine measures against growth the number of coronavirus infections. At the end of the bidding, only the Dow Jones showed growth, up 0.4%; S&P 500 and NASDAQ lost 0.94%. and 2.13% respectively. Firstly, there was a rally at the stock exchanges - investors are positive. appreciated the news of a vaccine being developed in Germany against the coronavirus. In addition, the growth driver was positive... the financial results of PepsiCo. However, after it's come to light that the California authorities have decided to suspend work of restaurants, bars and other establishments, the indices have gone down - investor concerns over the second wave of coronavirus have cooled down enthusiasm. According to Charles Schwab's vice president of trading Randy Frederica, the players are now hoping for change of the economic situation in six months, expecting it to be noticeable will improve.