U.S. stock exchanges mostly grew on positive news about coronavirus vaccine

The leading U.S. stock indices were mostly up on Monday. At the end of the day, Dow Jones rose 2.95%, reaching its highest level since February, S&P 500 added 1.17%. NASDAQ . decreased to 1.53%. News from coronavirus vaccine developers contributed to the growth. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer reported that its drug, on which it is working with BioNTech, has surpassed their expectations for protective functions against coronavirus. Since then, its shares have risen sharply by 7.7 percent. Under the influence of this news, investors turned their attention even to the sectors that are the least popular due to the pandemic - air travel and tourism. Shares of banks were also actively acquired, for which the demand also decreased due to the uncertainty of the future economy. The papers of technological companies, however, were not in trend. Less attention was paid to shelter assets as well - for example, gold lost 5% during the day.