U.S. stock exchanges fell 1.6-2% on the back of coronavirus worsening

The leading U.S. stock indices ended Monday in the red zone. Dow Jones lost 2.29%, S&P 500 - 1.86%, NASDAQ - 1.64%. Yesterday's trading session began with the fall of indices, which increased during the day. Negative moods of players are associated with the current level of coronavirus, which has increased sharply in the United States and Europe. In the U.S. on Monday was recorded a new record for the number of infections. At the same time, the second wave of disease began earlier than expected by experts. Players are afraid of tougher quarantine measures and negative consequences for the economy. Most of all, on Monday, the shares of firms engaged in tourism and leisure fell. Of all the companies included in the Dow Jones index, only Apple papers showed growth. The lack of agreement in the White House on another economic support package continues to have a negative impact on the indices.