U.S. stock exchanges closed mixed on economic news

The main U.S. stock indexes closed on Monday without a single dynamic. The Dow Jones rose 0.7 percent, the S&P 500 rose 0.27 percent, NASDAQ was down 0.48%. The negative trend was contributed by the weak The negative trend was fueled by weak business activity in the industrial sector. According to released yesterday statistics by Markit Economics, the PMI index for this sector showed a weaker result in March, The index rose 1.4 points (60.4) against 1.5 points (60.4), which was lower than analysts' expectations, expected by analysts (60.5). For comparison, in February it was 59.1%. According to ISM (Institute for Supply Management) calculations, the index in March showed a sharp drop of 4 points (60.7) compared to compared to February (64.7). The forecasted estimate was 65 points. The indices were supported by a positive message from the president of the Federal Reserve Bank, John Williams. John Williams, President of the Federal Reserve Bank, who said that the U.S. GDP might grow this year. U.S. GDP might grow by more than 7% this year. Such a result would be a record high in the last 37 years.