U.S. Exchanges recover from a days-long recession. drops

The leading US stock indices on Wednesday showed correction growth to 2.7%. Dow Jones added 1.6%, S&P 500 - 2.01%, NASDAQ - 2.71%. In addition to correction after three days the fall, the positive dynamics is due to the optimism of the players, s they expect to publish data on the labor market and inflation in this week, we are expected to increase the amount of US dollars. Before that, since last Thursday, U.S. stock exchanges have been demonstrating downfall. During this period, the NASDAQ showed the largest drop (-10%), The losses of Dow Jones and S&P 500 were -5.4% and -6.9% respectively. Meanwhile, in the U.S. states the authorities limit the expenses - additional payments to teachers are reduced, postponed exemptions from real estate tax, suspension of various social projects (e.g. installation of air conditioners in prisons Florida). These savings are due, among other things, to uncertainty around the new support package, discussion which continues in the White House and has not yet come to the consensus.