U.S. exchanges closed mostly in the negative after the record a day earlier

U.S. stock indices ended Wednesday's trading mostly in decline. Only Dow Jones was on the plus side adding 0.28%; S&P 500 and NASDAQ lost 0.068% and 0.63% respectively. Negatively on the NASDAQ was negatively affected as players began to switch from technology sector leaders to other sectors. The day before the indices were making new highs on the back of increased enthusiasm of the players, who hope for the soonest recovery of the world economy. The optimism on exchanges was supported by a new $1.9 trillion support package approved by the U.S. head of state but not yet enacted. Wednesday's data on U.S. retail sales and industrial production in January, which beat analysts' expectations, acted as a deterrent. Compared with December's figures, sales rose by 5.3%, and industrial production increased by 0.9%. Experts forecasted these figures at 1.1% and 0.5%, respectively.