Trump insists on introducing a negative rate for economic support, the Fed against

U.S. President Donald Trump is convinced that the key bet in the States should be lowered to a negative level. That's what he said yesterday. reiterated during a conversation with journalists. However, the Federal the backup system doesn't share that belief. Besides, it does. Head Jerome Powell expressed concern over the prospects of the economy against the backdrop of the pandemic, which on Thursday triggered a slump in the economy... Exchanges - major stock indices closed down by 1 - 2%. The continuation of the coronavirus crisis will cause substantial damage to various sectors of the economy, among others, He warned me. Earlier, Trump had called for negative stakes... on Tuesday, citing other countries in which that the tool is used. In his opinion, it is necessary for to maintain the economy in the current environment. Commenting on it. the statements, Powell said that the agency has not changed its No opinion will be taken on this matter or similar action. The fact is. the regulator will not reconsider its decision at the next meeting, almost all analysts are sure - according to CME Group, their share over 99%.