The US and European stock exchanges have closed down for the most part by the fall of

The leading US stock indices completed trading on Tuesday on to the negative zone after the rapid growth the day before. At the end of the day Dow Jones lost 1.59%, S&P 500 lost 1.05%, NASDAQ lost 0.54%. By . experts believe that the decline is due to a correction after of activity on Monday - then the most intensive rise in the last month and a half, the agency writes. "Prime." The European exchanges on Tuesday also saw mostly reduction. Only the DAX index (Germany) closed down with growth, increased by 0.15%. FTSE 100 (UK) down 0.77%, CAC. 40 - by 0.89%. The German index was supported by the economic data release - according to the ZEW Research Center, the trust index for the German economy almost doubled in May to 51. item. In April this indicator was 28.2 p. On Monday, on European exchanges, as well as on American exchanges, reigned. recovery - growth was 4 to 5%. Positive factor on the news about the success of the drug against the coronavirus. Translated with (free version)