The U.S. stock indices increased mainly by amid progress in support package negotiations

On Wednesday, U.S. exchanges finished trading mainly on the plus side - S&P 500 and NASDAQ grew by 0.22% and 0.28% respectively, while Dow Jones dropped by 0.35%. Precondition for that was positive news about negotiations on an economic support plan in the United States. Investor optimism was boosted by the news that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin were able to reach a common decision on the program. economic incentives. Negotiations continued on Wednesday. However, some experts still doubt that it will be agreed before the elections. According to Sima Shah, a senior strategist at Principal Global Investors, whose words are conveyed by the Wall Street Journal, this is the case. the outcome is unlikely. Despite progress in the negotiations, a number of senators said they were unwilling to support any support package, he explained. The growth of NASDAQ was also facilitated by the release of Snap's third quarter reporting, whose revenue was above expectations - its papers jumped by 28%.