The U.S. Federal Reserve positively assessed the growth rate of the American economy

According to the U.S. Federal Reserve, third quarter showed high rates of recovery of the country's economy. About it was discussed at a meeting of the regulator held on the 15th-16th dates September. The minutes of the meeting were published on Wednesday. The situation with the coronavirus continues to have an impact on the economy. The USA, noted in Federezerv. Despite the improvement in market conditions labor in the third quarter, employment, however, does not reach last year's level. In the field of industrial production in July and August, the recovery also continued, but at its pace were lower than in May and June. Financial market sentiment in July and August improved due to a decrease in the number of new coronavirus infections that were observed at that time. As stated in the minutes of the meeting, the vast majority the Fed representatives agreed that they should support interest rate at current level to stabilize the situation at labor market and achieve the inflation target (2%).