The U.S. economy will not soon recover from the effects of the pandemic – Natixis.

Despite the fact that in the U.S. easing quarantine restrictions and begins to recover business activity, the U.S. economy will have to deal with the consequences of an outbreak of coronavirus, which will leave a deep mark on it, said the company Natixis. Although society is pleased with the easing of restrictions, people are now less willing to visit crowded places, including shops, and this trend will continue for now. As for air travel, it is even more difficult to predict the recovery time. This situation creates great risks both for individual airlines and the aerospace industry as a whole. In addition, there are threats to the automotive industry, which is one of the key industries in the U.S. economy. With quarantine restrictions, remote modes of interaction have gained popularity, and the need for movement has decreased, which will mean that this sector will deteriorate in the long term.