The U.S. authorities are planning to borrow a record amount of money

In the second quarter of this year, the US Treasury Department plans to borrow $2.99 trillion to sustain the economy. This amount in 5 times the amount borrowed during the 2008 crisis, writes The Wall Street Journal. Last year, the volume government loans in the United States were 1.28 trillion. The Treasury Department also announced yesterday that in the US. it can soon issue state Bonds worth $3.7 trillion are planned to be issued before the end of the year. end of September - the time of completion of the second financial for six months. With this in mind, the total amount of issued government bonds in FY 2020 will amount to $4.5 trillion, WSJ notes. The total amount of funds, directed by the U.S. authorities to to support the American economy during the coronavirus pandemic, was over $2.5 trillion. First, a support package was approved for $2,000,000,000, then an additional $500 billion in April. The volume of support in the first half of the financial year may reach $5 trillion.