The IMF has warned of major risks to the US economy

The main threat to the US economy is the second wave of the pandemic of the coronavirus, according to the International Monetary Fund about that according to the report prepared after his visit to the country by specialists an increase in cases of infection can lead to repeated suspension of work, which is already happening in some of the American in the states, noted in the foundation. Now we can already see signs that the scale of the current crisis and losses in various industries economies will lead to the systemic spread of poverty. Further increases in the number of infections and restrictions on work will reduce tax revenue in the states, which will cause additional difficulties, warns the IMF. The combination of the record high volume of support packages adopted by the American authorities in connection with the pandemic, and the low level of of nominal GDP will provoke a significant increase in public debt to GDP. The IMF experts recommend to solve this problem by raising the government debt to GDP of existing taxes and the introduction of new ones.