The Federal Reserve has left the interest rate unchanged

The Fed, after a two-day meeting that ended yesterday, decided not to change the interest rate, leaving it at 0 - 0.25%. This step has met the expectations of analysts and investors. Optimism of players strengthened what Jerome Powell, the head of the department, said about further to Federal Reserve policy. In an interview with journalists after the meeting, Powell said that the regulator is not at all considering raising bets in the near future, as it is understood that the economic recovery process will be long. Powell also assured the audience that the agency will do everything necessary to sustain the economy, and approved the supporters the measures taken by Congress. After this news, the major U.S. indexes have accelerated growth in the US economy closed at the end of the day in the green zone. Asia Pacific Exchanges of the region this morning played the news back first, showing a moderate growth, but by now (10:26) have moved on to decline.