The Fed kept interest rates unchanged, U.S. stock indexes fell 2%

The main US stock indices showed sharp fall on Wednesday - at closing Dow Jones lost 2.05%, S&P 500 - 2.57%, NASDAQ - 2.61%. The decline during the day was the biggest since October. The U.S. Federal Reserve yesterday summed up the results of its regular meeting, deciding to leave the interest rate unchanged this time as well. The regulator noted that there has been some deterioration in the country's economic situation lately economic situation in the country. In addition, players are reacting negatively to the observed shortage of vaccines against coronavirus in the world. Recently, U.S. President Joe Biden announced that the purchase of additional batches of vaccines is not expected until the summer. Meanwhile, the coronavirus situation continues to be serious. Amid a general decline in indices, players' interest in the company's stock GameStop shares helped their value soar by 135%. AMC Entertainment showed even greater growth, having tripled in value (+301%).