The cost of oil is rising due to the threat of a storm in the region gulf of Mexico

Oil is getting more expensive this morning with the threatening storm Gulf of Mexico. As of 8:51, the variety Brent has risen on 0.38% to $39.98, WTI - by 0.67% to $37.59. Last weekend, NHC in the United States warned that a new tropical storm has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. can turn into a hurricane. A number of oil producing companies have already started evacuation of its employees from this area, writes the agency Reuters. Influence on quotations has and expected meeting of the week OPEC+. The current results of the alliance on reduction of production, which players will evaluate - against the background of the fact that demand for oil is now recovering at a slower pace, this information will be given special attention. In addition, optimistic market participants are inspired by the news of the coronavirus vaccine trial. According to AxiCorp analyst Stephen Inessa, they are pushing the coronavirus vaccine quotes upwards, even despite the uncertainty around global economic recovery.