The British authorities have developed a new package $38 billion worth of economic support

The United Kingdom intends to allocate an additional $38 billion to support the economy, said Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. According to him, this step will strengthen citizens' confidence, promote economic growth and create jobs. Part of the funds will be allocated to the company, which will not fire employees who are on unpaid leave, as well as take care of hiring young people, Prime agency reported. Enabling companies to pay the salaries of employees on unpaid leave during quarantine has been the most expensive item for most European countries, including the UK. To date, these costs in the country have amounted to 27.4 billion pounds sterling. According to the country's Ministry of Finance, this support will be provided to companies until the end of October, but in order not to dismiss employees in 2021, they will be given about 9 billion pounds.