Sharp increase in the U.S. budget deficit recorded

The budget deficit in the United States in January increased sharply by $165 billion. Such statistics was presented by the Congressional Budget Office. For comparison, during the same period last year these figures were $33 billion. December figures were equal to $144 billion. The growth of budget expenditures was promoted by the package of financial aid for $900 million, adopted at the end of the last year. The Democrats recently approved a new $1.9 billion package, which they say will help the economy recover more quickly the country's economy to recover more quickly. The lack of stimulus will significantly delay the process, which, in their opinion, is much more dangerous than the growing state budget deficit. The authorities are also considering raising the minimum wage to $15/hour as part of the new package, which they plan to implement gradually. This measure would also have a negative impact on the the deficit, but would reduce poverty, the Budget Office commented on these plans.