Senator: An emergency quarantine is the only way to get the U.S. economy back on track

Republican Senator Rand Paul called on the U.S. authorities to immediately lift the quarantine and allow people to return to work. He pointed out that the country has no money for a rainy day, and... starting a business is her only chance to get out. of the crisis. That's what Fox News wrote about, which received information during a conversation with Paul. If the authorities extend the quarantine measures, an economic disaster will continue, warns the senator. Any savings the United States has is not available, with $3 trillion allocated to support the economy, are borrowed from China. Now . the only way to rebuild the economy is to open it up and let it to people doing business, not keeping them at home, I'm sure. Paul. The senator has also criticized a number of democrat governors... states that support the extension of the quarantine while require material support from the state. He stressed that the country has no financial reserves.