Oil prices rise after 5% fall

Since yesterday, world oil prices have been demonstrating a positive dynamic. This morning, as of 8:15, the brand Brent rose by 1.36% to $41.61, WTI - by 1.24% to $39,20. Both varieties completed yesterday's trading session on the plus side... after a Wednesday drop of 5.44% for Brent and 5.85% for WTI. The negative factor on this day was the release of data on reserves. in the United States, which has risen to a record level. On Thursday, the stock exchanges were negative at first, but... the quotes started to rise in the evening. As noted by the vice president for marketing research company Tradition Energy Gene McGillian, in an interview with Reuters, had a partial impact the impact of the stimulus measures now being implemented centrally by banks around the world - they'll have a positive impact on... to the economy, which will support the demand for oil. Apparently, this one. factor on Thursday outweighed the new controversial macrostatistics of USA in the eyes of investors.