Oil prices are recovering after Friday landslide

Oil is getting more than 2% more expensive this morning as part of the correction. At 9:17, Brent added 2.22% to $40.14 and WTI rose 2.51% to $37.98. The rebound is an adjustment after Friday's collapse. On that day, black gold collapsed by more than 5% to $37.98 amid the news that President Donald of the United States the coronavirus was detected. In connection with this news, the players began be cautious and refrain from taking risks. Dynamics has also deteriorated the uncertainty of the oil demand prospects due to current situation with the coronavirus in the world. To date, health news for the U.S. head of state have improved, which is a supporting factor on the stock exchanges. By  According to his attending physician, he could be discharged from the hospital already today. According to the senior manager for commodities of the company Philip Futures Avtar Sandu, whose words are quoted by the agency Reuters, quotes recovery associated with the improvement of the state of the president's health.