Oil prices are falling in anticipation of OPEC+.

On Monday morning, oil quotations show a decline - in 8:54 Brent fell 0.69% to $37.58, WTI fell 0.65% to $35.26. Players are waiting for the upcoming OPEC+ meeting, scheduled for 9 and 10 June, which will clarify the further scheme oil production cuts. Under the terms of the current agreement, adopted in April, since July. production should be 2 million barrels per day. However, by of RIA Novosti information, and the possibility of to continue its decline at current levels. The meeting will be in the form of a videoconference, where the participants discuss the situation on the oil market and first results of sales agreements. In addition, on the 8th, a meeting is planned of the OPEC+ monitoring committee. The contracted quotas are currently at 9.7 million b/s. for the period from May to June, 7.7 million bps in the second half of the year, further - 5.8 million b/s by the end of April next year.