Oil keeps growing – WTI rose above $30.

Oil prices continue to rise on Monday, which has already lasted 3 years. for weeks. At 8:35, Brent rose by 3.23% to $33.55, WTI - by 4.03% to $30.71. The last one today is the first time for she's been over the $30 mark for the last month. was traded at this level on March 17. Positive factors are the decrease of the producers. production volumes, as well as the weakening of quarantine measures and the beginning of economic recovery in a number of countries. In addition, in anticipation of... the summer season has seen an increase in demand for petroleum products. However, as note the experts, if there are any further problems with storage space, price collapses may resume. Last Friday, oil quotations reached their peak values from in the middle of last month. In spite of that, prices are now in is still much lower than it was before the coronavirus outbreak. By . According to Rystad Energy's estimates, this year's demand is 11% lower. to last year's values. Since the pandemic began, Brent has fallen in price... by 50%, WTI by 51%.