Oil is growing by 2.5% – investors are ready to take risks again

Oil prices this morning demonstrate positive dynamics - at 9:57 a.m. the Brent brand rose by 2.64% to $40.45, WTI - by 2.53% to $38.12. Players are now more prone to risk on the back of the results elections in the USA. The country's leading TV channels have already announced the victory of Joe Biden. According to the results to date, he gained the necessary number of voters to win and beat Donald Trump. As he believes. Senior market strategist CMC Markets Michael McCarthy, whose words quoted by Reuters, is growing investor confidence that Biden will win, but the Republicans will control senate. These sentiments are now manifested in the growth of oil quotations, but in the future the main impact on them may again have the situation with the coronavirus in the world, the expert noted. The coronavirus continues to deteriorate. In the U.S. last week, a new record was set for the number of diseases, while in Europe quarantine restrictions are tightening.