Oil has moved up after a fall

Oil prices are correcting after yesterday's decline. В 6:37 Brent rose 0.63% to $65.44 and WTI rose 0.61% to $62.29. On Monday the quotes continued their negative trend under the The situation with the coronavirus in the world continued its negative trend on Monday, after 11:00 p.m. the losses were 0.31% to 0.5%. In a number of countries the number of new diseases continues to grow, which players are worried about the prospects for demand for oil. The worsening pandemic is contributing to the extension of existing The worsening of the pandemic is encouraging prolongation of existing restrictive measures and the imposition of new ones, slowing down global economic recovery. The worsening pandemic is prolonging existing restrictive measures and imposing new ones, slowing global economic recovery and negatively impacting oil consumption. The focus of public attention is India, the world's second most India has the second highest number of infections on record. Investors are closely watching the situation in this country, which is one of the most important importers of oil. one of the most important importers of oil. According to Vandana Hari, head of the analytical company Vanda Insights, In the near future the market will be volatile because of The contradictory moods of market participants: on the one hand, many are expecting The U.S. economy will soon recover, on the other hand - the pandemic continues to intensify.