Oil falls amid a sudden jump in reserves and Donald Trump’s pessimistic statement about the coronavirus situation in the country.

Oil prices are going down this morning - as of 10:23 Brent fell 0.09% to $44.29, WTI fell 0.21% to $41.83. The negative dynamics was triggered by the release of API report, according to who has oil reserves in the United States as a result of the past the weeks have risen sharply. According to the Institute's calculations, the volume of reserves increased by 7.5 million barrels, which came as a surprise to the market. Publication of the report The U.S. Department of Energy is expected tonight - according to forecasts analysts, it will show a decline in this indicator in in the period under review by 2.1 million barrels. Apart from the API report, the quotes were negatively affected by the following comment of U.S. President Donald Trump about the coronavirus situation in the United States the country could get worse. He expects to defeat the pandemic, but before that, the environment may become more complex, brings his words Reuters. Trump said he didn't like to do this a forecast, but that's the way it is.