Oil cheapened by 1%, American exchanges collapsed by 2-4%

Oil dropped by 1% this morning - at 9:20 Brent brand lost 0.93%, down to $39.41, WTI - 1.06% ($36.37). Pressure on prices has worsened the situation with the coronavirus in the world, against which investors are afraid of a second wave of the pandemic. This is  would lead to a drop in demand for oil and would strike again at the world economy, worsening its prospects for recovery. Yesterday, quotations also demonstrated negative dynamics - the variety of Brent fell below $40 for the first time in two months. The last time it fell below $40 in two months price level was observed in June. The premise was also situation with the coronavirus, in particular, the fact that many countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States, record growing number of infections. US stock indices collapsed 2-4% on Tuesday amid a large-scale decline in the technology sector. Highest losses carried NASDAQ (-4, 11%). Shares of industry leaders - Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Microsoft - lost 6.73%, 3.64%, 4.09% and 5.41% respectively.