Next year we should not expect active growth of the U.S. economy – expert

In the event that Joe Biden becomes the new head of the U.S. economy The country is expecting moderate growth as well as business profits. This is the opinion was voiced by Bank of America strategist Jared Woodward. The regulator will be quantitative easing (QE) is actively applied, risk assets will not be in high demand. This assessment does not coincide with the expectations of most economists and market players - according to a survey conducted by Bloomberg, at the end of next year they expect the S&P 500 index to grow to 3900 points. However, according to Voudardard, there is a period of stagnation ahead, which is comparable with the one that was observed in 2010 - 2015. In the near future one should expect only temporary growth of cyclical assets and inflation, he said. Positive news from pharmaceutical companies are a temporary incentive as well as a positive one economic statistics. They can be used by US authorities as grounds for reducing financial support. In this case. next year may become a record year for budget constraints expenses, the expert warns.