major US stock indices have shown mixed dynamiThecmixed dynamics.

U.S. stock exchanges concluded trading on Monday. in a different direction. Dow Jones dropped 0.45%, S&P 500, on the contrary, increased by 0.39%, NASDAQ - by 0.78%. Positive factor is the easing of restrictions around the world, but investors are worried about a second wave coronavirus in China, which would exacerbate the global economic crisis. Players' anxiety is caused by the fact that Wuhan province is once again... discovered new cases of coronavirus, despite the fact that the country declared victory over the outbreak and, according to the official... statistics, there have been no cases in the province for quite some time. of infection. In the meantime, a number of countries around the world are beginning a gradual economic recovery, with business activity in the background is showing slow recovery. However, in the opinion If the quarantine is sharply lifted, there is likely to be the second wave of the pandemic. Some states have been softening restrictions, despite new cases - including France, the United Kingdom, Japan.