Investors follow relationships with caution. of the United States and China buying gold

Gold is rising in price this morning - as of 10:00 quotes for Comex stock exchange rose by 0.02% to $1732.90. The supporting factor is the growing conflict between by the United States and China. As you know, recently the relations between the two countries have deteriorated amid the coronavirus situation. Washington has accused Beijing in the silence of the outbreak that led to to spread the disease around the world, and demanded to conduct an investigation. These events are troubling. of investors. The risk of trade war always contributes the increasing demand for gold, traditionally regarded as of a reliable asset. And the current conflict gives the players a reason to concerns about her starting. Commenting on the price dynamics of precious metal, AxiCorp strategist Stephen Innes recalled of a situation last year where such a risk was present because of for unresolved trade disputes between Washington and Beijing, was the main driver of gold value growth.