IMF worsened the outlook for global economic growth

The world economy is on the verge of an unprecedented crisis. This opinion was voiced by the World Monetary Fund last week, who has sharply lowered his forecast of global GDP. As a result of this. for the year, he expects it to decline by 4.9% (previous forecast). was -3%). The Fund motivated its review by the fact that the damage incurred the global economy with a coronavirus pandemic in the first half of the year, turned out to be more than expected. So you should expect her will recover at a slower rate. In the United States, the fund expects GDP to fall by 8%, Europe - by 10.2%, Japan - by 5.8%. At the same time, according to the IMF, the end of the year will show 1% growth in China. Earlier growth was also expected in India, but now the fund predicts a -4.5% drop in this country. According to the IMF, the investor sentiment and dynamics of the financial crisis in this country. markets do not correspond to the real economic situation, which may to have a very negative impact on the financial environment.