Goldman Sachs: stock and bond yields may be below average

Shares and bonds may, due to their high value, in the foreseeable future the future will bring in less revenue than expected - the latter may to be below average. The bank's specialists warn about it Goldman Sachs. The stock market jumped after a collapse in the first half of the year against the backdrop of pandemics, bonds have fallen slightly in value. Now both types of securities look pretty expensive, they say at the bank. As a consequence, their yields may be below average and, in addition, risks for successful diversification of investment a briefcase. The latter is due to the fact that, due to the high value of shares and the bonds become more difficult to balance the portfolio, including in he has different asset classes. Despite that, the bank expects improvement situations in the future. He now recommends buying bonds of developing countries, issued in local currency and to diversify the portfolio by including shares of different regions outside of of the United States. However, at the same time, Goldman calls for cautiously, given the high level of volatility present now.