Gold set a new record, oil is getting cheaper

Gold prices on Monday reached the highest level for the entire observation history. At 9:32 a.m., precious metal was traded on the Comex exchange $1931,90. The previous record - $1911, 60 - was set in 2011. of the year. Demand for gold as a safe asset is supported by the deterioration of relations between the United States and China and concerns around the coronavirus. The number of new infections in the United States and some other countries are growing, which carries risks for further economic development due to possible tightening of quarantine measures. Such sentiments also provoke a decline in oil prices. On  at the time of writing, the Brent brand was down 0.64% to $43.50, WTI - by 0.58% to $41.05. Investors are concerned about the future demand for oil because of the coronavirus situation - despite the fact that it's been has recovered significantly since spring, a new wave of pandemic may again to hit him. The uncertainty of demand prospects was noted and ING specialists in an interview with Reuters.