Gold rises in price on the background of the second wave of coronavirus

Gold is getting more expensive this morning, which is facilitated by investors' concern about the situation with the coronavirus in the world. On the Comex exchange, the value of a troy ounce rose 0.23% to $1866.40, despite the recent positive news about the vaccine. Due to the growing number of diseases in many countries, stricter quarantine restrictions have already started to apply. Even if the vaccine is successful, it may take quite some time before the vaccine is released. The moment it becomes widely used and the economy returns to pre-crisis levels. Crude oil went down after growth earlier this morning. As of 10:01, the Brent brand had fallen by 0.07% to $43.77 and WTI by 0.14% to $41.41. Earlier this morning, concerns about the pandemic, which put pressure on quotations, were somewhat diluted by expectations of new measures by OPEC+ to reduce oil volumes in the market. This was reflected in a 0.2% growth. In particular, investors reacted to the news that the cartel is discussing a postponement of production growth by 1-2 quarters.