Gold is ahead of world currencies in terms of profitability

Gold continues to grow for the sixth consecutive session. On Wednesday at the stock exchange Comex closed with an increase of 0.6% at $1818.40, during the trades reaching a maximum of 9 years. Today, by at 8:36, it went up 0.17% to $1,821.50. Gold has added 19.3% since the beginning of the year, outperforming the yield as a other precious metals, as well as world currencies. The supporting factor on Wednesday was the low dollar rate. Demand for gold stimulates the risk of a sharp rise in inflation against the backdrop of support measures economies adopted in developed countries. About the increased interest in... It is evidenced by the significant increase in investment in ETF- Funds - stocks of precious metal in them grew by 2.7% at the end of June. According to HSBC analyst James Steele, in the near future gold will continue to rise in price thanks to low interest rates rates, available liquidity, increased demand from outside centrifugal banks expanding their reserves, as well as huge to fiscal expenditures.