German economic recovery slows down – Bloomberg

Germany's leading economy in the European region has begun to show signs of slowing down. According to the country's advanced research institutes, its recovery has begun to show signs of slowing down. after restrictive measures introduced due to coronavirus, becomes less active. This is what the Bloomberg agency writes about. Economists predict that German GDP will fall by 5.4% at the end of the year. These figures are more pessimistic than the forecast published in the spring (4.2%). Next year's growth is expected at 4.7%, which is also worse than the spring forecast (5.8%). As German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, the country's economy will not be able to cope with repeated closures due to quarantine measures. Now the restrictions in the country are reduced to calls from the authorities not to withdraw the quarantine measures make unnecessary trips. According to the economic director of IFV Kiel Stephan Cootes, who quotes the agency Reuters, economic growth has already covered a significant portion of the losses incurred due to pandemics, but care must be taken to maintain it - the need for recovery remains.