Following the EU Summit, a plan was agreed upon a €750 billion recovery in the European economy

The heads of the European Union countries reached a consensus during the summit regarding the plan to support the regional economy - at its It was decided to allocate 750 billion euros for the reconstruction. Such as according to Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes, the EU has never dared to invest. Negotiation of a package of damage repairs pandemics, were complicated. The summit was two days longer - Originally planned as a two-day thing, but in the end lasted four days, ending early this morning. His the results will be officially announced after the plenary meeting. Participants reached a common decision on the EU budget plan for the next few years and the reconstruction fund. Head of the European Charles Michelle presented the new a proposal that they worked on together for four days. According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the outcome of her summit are satisfied. According to her, the EU has shown that it's ready to go new in ways that are extraordinary.