Expert: U.S. stock market situation reminds us of the situation before the collapse of the dotcs

Decrease in the dollar rate, observed against the background of increasing government debt In the near future, it could have a positive impact on to the American stock market. But the final result will be quite unfavorable to the country's economy. This is a warning billionaire investor Jeffrey Gundlah, who holds the position investment director at DoubleLine Capital. Opinion the investor, whose fortune is estimated at $2.1 billion, quotes Reuters. The other point that Gundlah drew attention to was that the figures S&P 500: its rise after the March collapse is almost is fully collateralized by several major players technology sector (Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft). In doing so the value of shares in most of the other companies in the index, continues to lag markedly behind the prices that were in effect at the beginning. Of the years. That's the kind of picture that's supplemented by a cramped paper buyout by individual investors, very similar to what was going on before the collapse of the dot-coms in 1999, says Gundlah.