European stock indexes closed lower, despite positive economic statistics

On Tuesday, major European stock indexes finished trading in the red zone, continuing Monday's negative dynamics. The stock exchanges initially saw growth under the influence of new economic data from Germany, but by the end of the day the DAX fell 0.24%. However by the end of the day the DAX fell by 0,24%, FTSE 100 - by 0,11% and CAC 40 - 0,33%. Index of confidence in the German economy in January showed a 6.8-point increase compared with the previous month, rising to 61.8 p. This data was provided by the Center for European Economic Research ZEW. The level of consumer prices in December coincided with the expectations of analysts - it decreased by 0.3% in annual terms, while in monthly terms it increased by 0.5%. However, the situation with coronavirus in the region continues to put pressure on the indices. The number of diseases remains high, due to which the authorities of the countries are tightening quarantine restrictions. This includes France has begun discussing with other EU members the introduction of stricter rules for crossing borders within the EU.