European stock exchanges fell within 1% on negative economic statistics and news about the coronavirus

The main European indexes completed the bidding in the negative, which was caused by weak economic statistics for the region and negative news on coronavirus. At closing, DAX lost 0.91%, FTSE 100 lost 0.53%, CAC 40 lost 0.64%. Published statistics were not very optimistic. According to forecast estimates, in October, the index of investor confidence in the German economy has fallen significantly - to 56.1 points. For comparison, in the previous month the figure was 77.4 points, despite the forecasted value of 73 points. August was 0.4% to 4.5%, while analysts predicted 4.3%. In addition to statistical data, the indices were negatively affected by news from Johnson & Johnson that it suspended the coronavirus vaccine trial due to the health condition of one of the participants. of the project.