European stock exchange indices have mostly decreased

The main European stock indices closed mainly with a fall. At the end of Tuesday DAX lost 0.92%, CAC 40 - 0.27%, FTSE 100 slightly increased (+0.078%). The negative dynamics was caused by the reaction to the growth of coronavirus infections observed in a number of European countries. As a result, quarantine measures are being reintroduced (e.g. Switzerland, Italy and other countries). In the face of uncertainty in the economic outlook, which is increasing due to the threat of a second wave of coronavirus, players prefer not to take risks, which causes the indexes to fall. The proximity of the U.S. elections scheduled for November 3 also continues to influence the stock exchanges. This week Thursday, the final debate is expected between the two candidates, the incumbent and the incumbent head Donald Trump and Joe Biden of the Democratic Party. Positive news from corporations somewhat held back the fall in indices. Logitech shares rose 15.8 percent after a higher revenue forecast and UBS rose 2.6 percent after revenue exceeded expectations.