European Exchanges grew by 2%

The leading European stock indices closed Monday at positive note. DAX (Germany) climbed 2.01%, FTSE 100 (United Kingdom) - by 2.39%, CAC 40 (France) - by 1.79%. The growth driver for the FTSE 100 was the fall of the pound sterling amidst the uncertainty surrounding the UK's exit from EU. According to the Deutsche Bank strategist Jim Reed in his interview agency Reuters, it seems that the chances of achieving bracket agreements between the United Kingdom and the United States are declining. Today they will hold another round of negotiations (the fourth on the Bracket Agreement). Last Friday, the European stock exchanges ended in a drop, with FTSE 100 reached its lowest value since May, losing 0.88%. DAX and CAC 40 decreased by 1.65% and 0.89%, respectively. US stock exchanges on Friday also closed in minus; at the end of last week they lost about 2 - 3%, which was facilitated by the fall of technological shares companies - papers of industry leaders (Apple, Twitter, Facebook and Tesla) lost 3 - 5%. Yesterday there was no trading on American exchanges - they were closed due to the national holiday.