China’s experience shows what other countries can expect after quarantine

After the quarantine restrictions have been lifted, a collision with certain difficulties, as can be seen in the example of China. The experience of China, in that started the coronavirus outbreak before anyone else. recovery may indicate what to deal with. to the rest of the countries economically, and the prospects are threatening to be not too iridescent. Judging by what's been happening in China since the outbreak of the pandemic, the main difficulties are not related to the resumption of production, but to low consumer demand. Attendance rate stores are noticeably down and in no hurry to grow. On Monday, there were published economic data for May, which showed stable growth on the real estate market and quite good results in the industrial sector. Compared to this, the volumes private investment and personal expenses continue to be at a very low level. According to the chief economist of, Shen. The Jianguanga quoted by Bloomberg Agency, the main the problem of the Chinese economy at the moment is exactly weak demand.