Banks: Worst times for the world economy, may have been left behind

According to analysts at Morgan Stanley, there are signs, that allow us to talk about the beginning of the global economic recovery. The Bank suggests that the bottom may have already been reached, noting that in the first half of the year, the world's economic recovery has begun. The quarantine measures associated with... with the coronavirus pandemic, and many countries are restarting of the economy. According to calculations of Morgan Stanley, the reduction of GDP of developed countries in in the second trimester will be 32% yoy, after which this indicator will go up in stature. The lowest point of the recession is now forming. some high-frequency indicators that are monitored in to the bank, noted his chief economist Chetan Ahya. Consumer . expectations are rising, society is becoming more mobile... household spending cuts are no longer the same as fast as it was at the beginning of the pandemic. However, we should not expect the global economy to be abrupt... is gonna turn upwards, HSBC says. According to the bank economist. James Pomeroy, consumer spending is recovering. quite slowly, as you can see in China. Besides . There's a risk of a second wave of the pandemic after... the lifting of restrictions.