ATR stock exchanges grow by 1 – 3%

Asia Pacific Leading Indexes on Monday are showing positive dynamics in the morning. At 9:08, Shanghai Composite added 1.86%, Shenzhen Composite 3.46%, Hang Seng 1.9%. Nikkei 225 (Japan) rose by 2.06%, KOSPI (South Korea) - by 1.7%, S&P/ASX 200 Australia - by 1.03%. Investor optimism about the prospects contributes to the growth. of the global economy, backed up by support measures the authorities in various countries. However, the players did not devote much time the attention of a recent communication from the World Organization of health care that the world has set a new record for the number of new coronavirus infections per day (the last has exceeded 230,000). The growth driver was also the dynamics on American exchanges. В last Friday the top US indices concluded trading in green It has grown by 0.66% - 1.44%. Attention of investors this week is focused on the upcoming publication of the financial of big company reports.