Gold rises in fear of the future of the world economy

Gold continues to grow this morning, at 9:25 a.m., it went up by... 0.43% to $1737, 89 per troy ounce. A prerequisite for this. is the caution of investors who prefer safe. assets in an uncertain global economic outlook. Silver . went up 2.59% to $16.27 an ounce. Yesterday, the US labor market statistics was published. In spite of the fact that the number of initial applications for the benefit of Unemployment has fallen, it's happened in less ways than was predicted. The number of appeals amounted to 2.98 million against the forecast. expected 2.5 million, according to CMC's chief market strategist. Markets by Michael McCarthy, quoted by Reuters,'s now clear to the players that to restore global... the economy will take much longer than expected. In addition, the growth of gold quotes is fueled by tension in the economy. of US-China relations, in particular the report that Beijing is preparing retaliatory sanctions against Washington, which accuses him of the spread of the pandemic.