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EUR/USD1.16520 / 1.16513
GBP/USD1.33019 / 1.33002
USD/JPY109.452 / 109.445
AUD/USD0.75477 / 0.75470
USD/CAD1.29816 / 1.29809
NZD/USD0.69185 / 0.69175
EUR/CHF1.15379 / 1.15342
EUR/GBP0.87619 / 0.87590
EUR/JPY127.530 / 127.514
GBP/JPY145.592 / 145.547
GBP/CHF1.31710 / 1.31657
XAG/USD16.50 / 16.49
USD/CHF0.99021 / 0.98997
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