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EUR/USD1.13601 / 1.13596
GBP/USD1.26288 / 1.26278
USD/JPY113.486 / 113.482
AUD/USD0.71911 / 0.71908
USD/CAD1.33700 / 1.33693
NZD/USD0.67986 / 0.67978
EUR/CHF1.12925 / 1.12915
EUR/GBP0.89960 / 0.89953
EUR/JPY128.917 / 128.912
GBP/JPY143.316 / 143.304
GBP/CHF1.25535 / 1.25517
XAG/USD14.69 / 14.69
USD/CHF0.99404 / 0.99398
  • 11/12/2018
    Dear Clients, We are glad to inform you that new trading instruments BTC/USD & ETH/USD are now available. You can find more information about ...
  • 16/08/2018
    Dear Сlients, We are happy to inform you that now you have a possibility to deposit via RBK Money payment system. Payments are accepted in three ...
  • 04/06/2018
    We are pleased to announce that Esplanade Market Solutions partners with Serenity. Esplanade Market Solutions is a leading brokerage company ...

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